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I’m a petrolhead, I love my cars and have had some great ones over the years. I’ll also admit here that many years ago on the back roads of the country town I grew up in I have done a couple of Burnouts.

But have you noticed lately that every new housing estate, quiet roundabout, intersection with a bit of space…. Is being used for burnouts!

A lot of it has got to do with the fact that a Toyota Corolla has enough power to spin the wheels these days, and cars are just getting more powerful.
But maybe there needs to be something done before more people get hurt!
Maybe we need to provide somewhere for people to take their cars and “Play” with them. Maybe the manufacturers can play a role here in building systems into a vehicle that does not let them do burnouts?

And maybe I’m just getting old enough and wise enough to see the potential risk of someone doing a burnout in a high powered vehicle with very little driving experience!


Let me know your views?

Drop me a line at woody@cnbsafe.com.au


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