Safety Speaker – Greg Smith

We’ve all been there!… You are so tired that you just want to sleep! But you have to keep going, just a little bit further, just a few more minutes, just a couple more kilometres… BANG!

That’s what Greg Smith remembers about the accident that broke his neck & changed his life!

How many of us have been in the same situation?

You didn’t sleep properly & went to work tired, you stayed up partying knowing you had to work the next day or you just had to get home after being away for a while!

Greg Smith will explain how fatigue contributed to him being in a wheelchair, he will ask your people to think about how they deal with fatigue issues in your workplace.

Greg’s story will make you & your workmates aware of just how pushing things too far can have disastrous results.

Safety Presentation – Don’t Push Fatigue

In an informal manner Greg will share his story & his messages at your workplace, give him 45 minutes of your time & he will give you the reason to manage fatigue in your lives.

Greg shares how his accident not only changed his life, but it affected his friends & family too. He honestly explains that he still struggles with some issues that are caused by his accident.

It has not stopped him from living his life & he has achieved things that not many people achieve…

Greg Smith is a 5 time Paralympic athlete but the situation he is now in will be with him for the rest of his life!

Show your workmates the impact of fatigue by inviting Greg to share his story with your workplace today.

Read more about Greg’s presentation ‘Don’t Push Fatigue’ HERE

Greg Smith
Topics Shared

Life before his accident in the army

The accident

Hospital to Rehabilitation Learning to live again

Family & friendships

Mental health

Life now

Greg shares ‘Don’t Push Fatigue’

Clients Say

Greg story tells each of us that we are not indispensable and how a stupid act of pushing boundaries on fatigue had a lifetime impact on him and his family.

Vijay Vetrivel

Manager Capital Deliver

APA Group

Greg shared his incredible story of his fatigue related incident, and the affect it had on his physical and mental health, his family, friends and co-workers. His tenacity to overcome and deal with the outcomes were truly inspiring. His talk was heartfelt and honest, and left the audience with much to think about in regards to decisions they might make now when feeling the effects of fatigue.

Melissa Teo

Safety Promotion & Communication Manager

Metro Trains Melbourne

Greg Smith presented on “Don’t Push Fatigue“ our “Saving Lives Through Technology“ breakfast seminar on the 12th March. His message really resonated with the audience and brought strong focus to the importance of managing fatigue to many in the transport industry. It was a powerful message which outlined in detail the huge impact this event had on his life and provided inspiration to all through his ability to rise to the peak of his chosen sports.

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