What do you do with the Feedback you ask for?

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What do you do with the Feedback you ask for?

Most of us are constantly trying to improve what we do, whether its providing products, delivering a service or training and information.

And to help us improve what we do many people and organisations ask for feedback.

But what do you do with the feedback you get?

We use it is a tool to improve the service we provide, negative feedback is a great way to improve and to strive to ensure that other clients do not give us the same negative feedback. We also use it to change our business, if a few clients give us the same feedback or ask the same questions we include this in future training.

But how would you feel if you provide feedback to someone that ASKS for your feedback and you do not know if they used it in any way or even acknowledge the fact that you have provided them with this information?

So here is my story…… I recently booked a room with a large hotel chain, I’m not sure if I should identify them so I won’t (for now)….. Travelling for someone in a wheelchair has its challenges, I need an accessible room with the appropriate bathroom facilities. In the past if I found a room that is good I tend to use them again and again as I can “Rely” on it working and not worry that it is not “Friendly” to my needs.

I had work in one city for most of the day then I drove 2 hours to where I was staying overnight and working the following day. I parked the car and got my wheelchair and bags out and entered reception to check in only to be told that the “Accessible” room that I had booked was not available and there were no other accessible rooms.

I asked what had happened as I had confirmed paperwork that said I had booked an accessible room, the staff informed me that someone had given the room to another guest.

They offered me another room that was not wheelchair friendly or they said they would ring around the area and see if they could find a room that was available and suitable! But as it was the end of a looong day I asked to see if the room that they offered me would do for the night….. (The bedroom was ok but I struggled to use the bathroom and needed a shower chair which they did not have so they said they would send a staff member to Bunnings to buy a plastic chair!)

Ok so you get the picture?

I just want to shower and then sleep but I’m unable to do it in the room that I booked. Now here’s where I say that I understand that something went wrong. The staff member that gave my room to another guest obviously did not see that it had been booked by me (And confirmed by the hotel)….. So it was a simple mistake and as frustrating as it was at the time I understand that mistakes can be made.

However two days later I received an email thanking me for staying at this hotel and they value my loyalty and if there is any feedback that I would like to provide please take the time to fill out a short survey or if you would like to email the group GM here is his direct email address!

So I filled out the survey and pressed “Send” and was dutifully thanked for my time, but then I copied the email address and wrote an email to the group GM and told him of my recent experience at this hotel. I was quite clear in that I understood it was a mistake and that I was writing to bring his attention to it in the hope that they could look at what could be done to make sure it did not happen again. I told him that I did not want anyone to get in trouble for it and I also did not require any compensation for my inconvenience….. (Although a free beer or meal offer would have helped to make things better on the night)

That was 3 weeks ago! And I have not heard anything from the Group GM or the hotel involved.

Now I don’t really care….. Maybe they have done something about it or it is being actioned as we speak? But it would have been nice to receive some short acknowledgement for me sending the feedback email!

But it did get me thinking about how my business can better deal with any feedback that we receive and I will definitely answer any emails personally!

What do you do when you get FEEDBACK?

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