For over 20 years James Wood (Woody) has been visiting workplaces and sharing his story and messages.

James got hurt at work, his accident was caused by some CHOICES he made!

He shares his story in a way that your employees can relate to, he doesn’t use charts or statistics, he doesn’t do “Death By Powerpoint”.

However there is only ONE James and he can only get to so many workplaces throughout the year.

So he has decided to offer a personalised video message for your workplace.

It can contain your logos and branding, it can deliver your safety messages and beliefs, but most of all it will be delivered in a way that your people will actually want to watch it and remember the content.

Woody is one of your workmates, let him deliver your safety messages and encourage your people to stay safe and to look out for each other.

Chat to Vanessa about your video ideas:

Email Vanessa: vanessa@cnbsafe.com.au
Phone:  (03) 9730 2900

What you need to do

In order to come up with the best customised message for your workplace we need you to provide us with as much information as possible, including the following:

  • How long do you want the video to go for
  • What are your key safety messages
  • Is there anything specific that you want Woody to deliver and reinforce
  • Do you need Woody to refer to anything in particular? For example a location, a piece of machinery, a person etc… The more personalised the more your people will relate to it
  • Do you mind if Woody occasionally swears? (No more than any normal workplace and definitely not Crude)

How does it work

Step 1

Call Vanessa and arrange for an initial discussion.

Vanessa can discuss the content of your video including location, length and what you plan to use it for (inductions, safety day, remedial action etc).

You also have the choice of us filming the video (sample footage available) or you have the option of using a professional video production company.

Vanessa can give you an idea of costs and delivery time frames for both options.

Step 2

We will provide you with a draft “Script” this will include the content of the video and possible scenarios that Woody will deliver the messages.

Examples for scenes are:

Getting in/out of a vehicle, getting on/off the toilet etc…

Keep in mind the visual impact is almost as powerful as the message.

Step 3

Filming, editing and production.

This process will depend on us doing it “In house” or using professionals and will be determined by you and your budget.

Step 4

Delivery and launch.

Delivery options are USB/DVD or electronic download.

Woody can also attend your workplace to help you launch the video

How can you get the most out of your personalised video message

Depending on what focus your video has depends on how much you use it.

We suggest that everyone initially sees the video as part of a safety day or training day. If your video has an induction or remedial purpose then it needs to be used at the appropriate time.

We also have had workplaces that have loaned the video to employees to show their families. We suggest you share it as much as possible.