At CNB Safe we have Workplace Safety & Mental Health Speakers that will share their safety story at your workplace. Our workplace speakers give you an insight into how an injury or fatality will affect you, your family and friends.

James Wood

“This doesn’t happen to me!”…. that was what went through my head when the doctor told me I had broken my back & damaged my spinal cord.

I was just getting to a great stage in my life, living independently, great job & career options, nice car & a couple of motorbikes.

Good friends and a steady relationship.

Alan Newey

Can you imagine being right handed & losing your right arm above the elbow!

A workplace incident changed Alan’s life forever & he is still dealing with the effects of losing a limb!

Alan shares his story to inform employees that when you get hurt at work it changes EVERYTHING!

Michelle Rath

Michelle offers workplaces something different!

When a worker gets hurt or killed doing their job the immediate focus is on the person that it happens to!

Have you ever thought about that person’s family or friends?

Greg Smith

We’ve all been there!  You are so tired that you just want to sleep!

But you have to keep going, just a little bit further, just a few more minutes, just a couple more kilometres…BANG!

That’s what Greg remembers about the accident that broke his neck & changed his life!

Michael Weston

Michael will walk into your workplace with no obvious injury.

He has not lost a limb, he doesn’t need a walking stick or a wheelchair.

Yet his injuries are as serious as those who do!

Michael will live the rest of his life with an acquired brain injury (ABI) as a result of a breakdown due to stress and mental fatigue.

Dr Lana Cormie

Lana and her two children are navigating life without a husband and father as a result of a workplace incident.

Lana was at work when her staff saw the rescue helicopter.   She didn’t think much about it until she called her husband Charlie on her lunch break and he didn’t answer.

The helicopter was there for her husband and a workmate who were fatally injured in a trench collapse.

I went from a happy mum, wife and vet, who was like most people blissfully unaware of what happens when systems fail and a loved one dies a traumatic death with no warning.

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