Michelle Rath offers workplaces something different!

When a worker gets hurt or killed doing their job the immediate focus is on the person that it happens to!

Have you ever thought about that person’s family or friends?

Alex is Michelle’s youngest son, he was working as a refrigeration & air conditioning apprentice when he was killed in a workplace accident.

Michelle Rath explains that the worst days are days when Alex SHOULD be there, birthdays, family times.

“January is a month I fear. Knowing we celebrate his birthday on the 16th and he is not here for me to hug. January 19th is the day we lost Alex & our world changed. Everybody respects just how hard this is for me as this used to be my birthday as well…Not any more! January 29th is the day we farewelled Alex so another day we struggle through!…..”

“January is just soul destroying & devastating….”

Then there are the “Triggers” that make you think of how much you miss them, like a favourite song or piece of music or you see a car like the one they used to drive!



Loss in the Workplace –
Alex’s Story

Michelle wants employees & employers to know what it is like to lose a loved one because of an accident at work. If we are aware of the impact then maybe we can think a bit more about how we can stop people from getting hurt or killed while doing their job.

No one should have to go through what our family has to now live with. Alex will always be a part of our lives but we are left wondering about those tomorrows that will now never come…

The painful truth is that he is no longer here and life for us has changed forever.

If you would like to hear how an accident at work can impact on other people invite Michelle to share her story with your workplace.

Read more about Michelle’s presentation ‘Loss in the Workplace – Alex’s Story’ HERE



I cannot recommend a more powerful story and messaging that Michelle has given our organisation today. If you want to enable a meaningful and long lasting safety impression your staff, then book Michelle today.

Stephen Stringer
SHEQ Manager
Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

Michelle’s presentation was just so powerful and impactful, most of us spent the hour in tears hearing her story so thankfully we were not on camera! I think her (and more importantly Alex’s) story has resonated so much with all of us because we could all imagine how devastating this incident would be if it happened to us. I have heard so much positive feedback already from her story today which affected so many of us. We wanted to ‘shake the tree’ of our organisation and I think that this presentation certainly did that.

Yvette Ashlin
SHEQ Officer
Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

Michelle’s story resonated with her audience, a very down to earth speaker sharing her son’s story and how it impacted on their lives and those around them. Hard to put into words the emotional journey you’re taken on, a full gambit of personal feelings for her whilst at the same time hits you close to home.

Stuart Anderson
OHS Lead Distribution Centres
Reece Plumbing

I would highly recommend companies booking a guest speaker from C&B Safe if their objective is creating a proactive reporting culture & ensuring they maintain the safety of their greatest assets “their people”. The speakers cover a diverse range of safety-related topics…
Safety done right is the best investment a company can make if they genuinely value the wellbeing & safety of their people.

Nat Boots
HSE Specialist