Our Speakers share their stories to try and show workplaces and management groups the REAL impact that workplace incidents can have and the reason that we must all be involved in SAFETY.

Our stories bring reality to all of the effort and resources that a business puts into safety, most people need a REASON to use the training and systems and procedures that you put in place. Our Speakers give them that reason by showing and explaining how their workplace accidents changed their lives and affected many of the people around them.

The stories we tell are not about statistics or procedures, they are real life messages on how getting hurt or killed while doing your job will change your life!

James Wood


We want to work with you on your safety & wellbeing journey.

We will discuss the right speaker, combination of speakers around the relevant themes and topics that your people will relate to.

We can tailor a presentation for you that can include a speaker to visit your workplace, safety day or conference.

We will take the guesswork out of what you need to come up with for your next safety theme.

We want to evolve the way employees think about safety, the old days of being told what to do or doing it because you ’Have’ to do it are gone!

James Wood



This was the most impacting, relevant presentation I have seen since working with council. James covered physical and emotional impacts of his injuries both from a personal level and from friends and family as well. James focused on the importance of self accountability and self responsibility and how in his case it was was ultimately his choices that have put him in the position he is in. James promoted looking out for others and that it is everyone’s responsibility to work safely. I was also impressed with how James answered the questions and the perspective he provided.

Benjamin Cosgrove

Health and safety advisor


James is an excellent speaker, his message is simple, clear and powerful. He spoke to all our workers and the message is as relevant for our field staff as it is for our office workers. Thank you James.

Rosemary Roberts

Wellbeing, Safety & Environment Manager


Alan’s story was very relevant to the apprentices who attended. His story had funny moments, shocking moments and sad moments. All were received well by the audience. Thank you Alan for sharing your story!

Rebecca Harris

Workforce Development Advisor


I loved Michaels ability to peel back a very difficult and complex subject in a way that is (real, transparent and factual), we all are told or reminded to “be in the present, practice mindfulness and be kind to yourself”, its almost the modern mantra for 2020. If you really want to know why you should take this advice seriously, I suggest taking one hour to listen to Michael would be a good start.