Our Clients Experience

A real life Safety Speakers one aim is to make sure what happened to them does not happen to someone else.  It is the reason they do what they do. We love that when people see our safety speakers they feel compelled to share what they felt, experienced and what they took away from listening to their stories.

Here is what our clients are saying about our safety speakers.

CNB Safe had to deal with a last minute change of speaker due to COVID restrictions, which they did without stress. In the end the change was seamless and Michael Weston delivered a great presentation on a very important message of mental health and wellbeing, that resonated extremely well with the audience of about 90 leaders with the business.

I personally thought Michelle and Robs message was very touching and the importance of workplace safety is so important.

I was personally humbled by James’ ability to not only be extremely independent but brutally honest about his experience and the lessons he has learnt since that time. The degree of acceptance by James was admirable and refreshing.

Project leadership can bang on about safety, procedures, processes, compliance, SWMS, take 5’s, KPI’s etc etc however nothing has a greater impact on individuals than a real life story and the impact choices have on peoples lives and wellbeing.

Carl Allcorn

Consortium Project Director


James is captivating and inspirational given what he has had to endure since his injury. To be able to hear first hand how one poor decision affected his life is truly heart wrenching and definitely shines light on how quickly it can go wrong if you don’t stop and think. Afterall, you don’t get a second chance when it’s too late. l will always think of James when l am going to undertake a task and ensure i give it the due consideration it needs especially where you know that the consequences could be life changing. Thanks James

James Wood is down to earth and very open with his message about choices and what, why and if only he did not taken the short cut and followed the correct process his life would be so different today. What a hard lesson to learn for James Wood but if he has changed one persons way of thinking in work crew then that is a positive as that work crew member will teach another. James Wood is a great motivator.

I absolutely recommend the use of a guest speaker. The message coming from someone who has suffered a workplace injury is very powerful and relevant. If you are looking to change your workplace safety culture a gust speaker can assist in getting the message across.

Woody was an outstanding presenter. He wasn’t up to push a set agenda. Simply telling his story, the choices he made and the impacts that have resulted from those choices. Very mature talk.

Adam Hatfield

HSEC Manager


I found James as a person and his story very relatable and relevant. He was open and honest about the choices he made that led to his accident and how it has affected his life ever since. His down to earth story telling style of presenting was effective and powerful. I would highly recommend James and the CNBSafe Safety team.

Roma Falck

CHPP & Infrastructure Administration Assistant


James’ story was relevant and impactful, his ability to tell his story in a down to earth and relatable way made the session genuine and as a result his message about personal responsibility was well received.

Gabriela Love

Manager CHPP and Infrastructure


James ‘Woody’ Wood was excellent in his presentation to our Year 10 cohort in PDHPE.
The main message: Your actions have consequences and be very aware of the choices you make in life. One small mistake can have ongoing consequences that can impact you own and your family/friends lives.
People with disabilities are still normal people trying to live a normal life and navigating life as best they can with their disability. They still can achieve most if not all things able bodied people can.
Our students responded with great positivity and it challenged their thinking around safety and making wise choices.

Woody was very clear and easy to understand. He had an easy going style that the students could relate to in a real and down to earth way. The students were definitely challenged to think about their own thoughts and actions, and the consequences for both themselves and others around them.

Yes, it was harsh reality and hard hitting toolbox talk. Very visual and emotional on how it affects not just James but also his loved ones – people could relate to it and it hit the message home.

Joe Kenny

Delivery manager

Hunter Water

There is no better way to communicate the safety message, the need for safety and the choice of being safe than by someone who experienced the life transforming event of a significant injury.

We invited James to our organisation to share his story and to highlight the importance of the choices we make on a day to day basis. James was an incredibly powerful speaker and his message certainly resonated with our team.

I loved Michaels ability to peel back a very difficult and complex subject in a way that is (real, transparent and factual), we all are told or reminded to “be in the present, practice mindfulness and be kind to yourself”, its almost the modern mantra for 2020. If you really want to know why you should take this advice seriously, I suggest taking one hour to listen to Michael would be a good start.

Michael was real, frank, and an inspirational speaker, giving hope to others that have been in, or are currently going through, a similar situation. Would highly recommend Michael’s presentation to anyone.

James’ story is a powerful one and puts into perspective how making wrong choices at work can result in devastation. No one is infallible and safety in workplace or at home, must be front of mind.
The response from staff was extremely positive and his message is something that they can take away and refer to in times when they too are faced with their own choices in life!

Robert Apostoli

Operation Manager


James’ presentation made such an impact on our workforce. He was very honest and open about his story, the choices he made, how it affected his life and his family. Everyone took something away from it.

Holly Tallal

Communications and Engagement Officer

City of Gold Coast

James is an excellent speaker, his message is simple, clear and powerful. He spoke to all our workers and the message is as relevant for our field staff as it is for our office workers. Thank you James.

Rosemary Roberts

Wellbeing, Safety & Environment Manager


This was the most impacting, relevant presentation I have seen since working with council. James covered physical and emotional impacts of his injuries both from a personal level and from friends and family as well. James focused on the importance of self accountability and self responsibility and how in his case it was was ultimately his choices that have put him in the position he is in. James promoted looking out for others and that it is everyone’s responsibility to work safely. I was also impressed with how James answered the questions and the perspective he provided.

Woody’s presentation was open, honest, ‘real’ and absolutely bang on! All topics covered resonated with the audience and had tremendous impact. Our staff were full of praise for him and and his story, which was reflected in their comments and contributions during the Q&A section. Other feedback also highlighted how genuine and open he was in sharing such a traumatic experience with others so that they could learn from this. I would not hesitate in recommending Woody’s presentation to anyone.

Nelly Latino

GM - Operational Integrity


Mental Health, Workaholic, words we have all heard before, but we dismiss them as not something that relates to us. Michael Weston helps to dispel that myth in a candid account of his life’s journey, laced with both humour and his now philosophical approach to life. Michael helps to remove the stigma that is mental health and makes you realise it can happen and will happen if you fall into the trap of all work and no play. His story shows even through adversity he has come out the other side a stronger individual with the loving support of his family and at the same time continuing to face the demons of mental health head on. A true inspiration.

Stuart Anderson

National OH&S Officer Distribution Centres

Reece Plumbing

Alan’s story was very relevant to the apprentices who attended. His story had funny moments, shocking moments and sad moments. All were received well by the audience. Thank you Alan for sharing your story!

Rebecca Harris

Workforce Development Advisor

GFG Alliance

Alan’s story hit us hard, many of us found it very emotional, but he has an amazing way of telling it, with jokes, laughter and positivity – amazing after what he has been through. Here is the real deal of why it’s so important to empower your people to ‘speak up’. Thoroughly recommend YOU get him in front of your people, his message is powerful.

Donna Baker

Safety Health and Wellbeing Manager

Brown and Watson International

We really enjoyed James coming and speaking to our Senior Leaders. The messages he shared, have helped myself and our Senior Leaders identify opportunities for us to set the business and our people up to prevent serious injuries to our people. Thank you James!

Amanda Murrihy

Group Health & Safety Manager - Projects


One of the best and most powerful personal stories that we have come across – James manages to cut right through and really make people stop and think about how their choices may forever change their life.

Martin Sierszycki

National Safety, Health & Wellbeing Manager


James message was simple and very effective. The way James delivered our key message, decisions and consequences, not only captivated our audience for the entire presentation (not an easy feat) but resonated with them (they are still talking about it a week later).

As an added bonus, one of our core values is resilience and James’ strength in the face of adversity and his resilience is truly inspirational.

Thank you James, an excellent presentation.

Robyn Masters

Senior Exploration Coordinator

New Hope Group

Alan was just what our site needed to bring a higher level of safety awareness. His incident – before, during & after, was eye opening for all who attended & how just 1.2 seconds can change a person’s life.

James honesty and openness about something so personal certainly impacted me to take a moment to assess tasks I do everyday. (drive a car) I have already made better decisions to give me the best chance to avoid incident.

Kim Rigoll

Region Leader


The personal story of James was very powerful. Lots of different aspects covered of how a workplace accident can affect not only your employment but also your personal circumstances, hobbies, friendships and mental health. This made safety decisions and behaviour really personal in a way that the usual safety conversations often miss. it was very “real”.

Sarah Tucker

Sales support


I would highly recommend this Safety information session to everyone, as James delivers a very poignant message in a casual, easy conversation which then has everybody who attends, thinking about the ramifications of an accident of this nature on their own lives. If the result is that just one person takes a bit more care as they go about their day to day then this session was totally worth the time.
Thanks James for your honesty, humour and willingness to share your experience with us all.

Leslie Wiseman

Operations Manager


This is the 2nd time that Michelle has spoken to one of our workgroups. Michelle’s message is so important to our teams as they work with energised sources every day. Michelle’s message reiterates the importance of following company procedures at all times.

Call him James, call him Woody I think we will call him ‘down to earth,’ because that’s the way his message was delivered, in a way that all who were present could understand and relate too. If James gets his message through to one person then he has achieved something, we believe his message resonated to all 300 who were present at his visit.

I first heard James at the National Safety day where he spoke and from that day on wards I knew this was something we wanted to do was to get him to come to our workplace and speak. I am glad we did this and the feed back from our staff has been nothing but positive and staff are really grateful for this.

Ashley Mumford

Warehouse Operations Manager


Michael captivated the audience by coming from a background and region that we all live and work in. His real life experience showed that he is a person who can openly talk about his journey and show that there is more to life than his event.
His personalisation of the presentation to suit our group was nothing short of amazing.

Shane Miller



Woody’s story makes everyone understand that the choices they make may have an impact on their safety while at work. If you are changing safety culture then his story might make the difference at your workplace from the executive level to the workshop floor.
His story can be delivered to managers and workers and they will all benefit from Woody’s message.

We found Alan’s presentation riveting and highly relevant. Sharing his personal story cut through to Health and Safety Representatives in a way that other speakers would not be able to do, and gave a full picture of the impacts of workplace injury.

Marta Hodul Lenton

Campaigns and Research Officer

Unions Tasmania

James (Woody’s) presentation to our workforce was exceptional, delivered in a sincere, heartfelt, clear and precise manner as to the choices we all make on a daily basis, which may result in a life changing experience, not just to ourselves, but to family and friends. As a safety professional of some 25 years, I would not hesitate to recommend both James and/or his fellow speakers in addressing your workforce as too raising awareness of the consequence’s of making the wrong choices and excepting at ‘risk behaviour’. Both James and his fellow speakers should be commended for sharing their experiences, with the view of preventing other’s and their families having to go through their life’s experience.

Geoff Damon

Workplace Safety Officer

Rural City of Wangaratta

James, is an AMAZING HUMAN BEING to talk about what happened to him and relive this trauma is not an easy task. I can only recommend this form of communication to any organisation as it applies to anything in life. The examples the feelings the raw emotion and the guilt and subsequent consequences of the accident are so real because the end result is talking to you and is before you. I felt privileged to listen to him and what he was trying to get across in the short time that he had. I absolutely applaud my organisation for recognising the need and finding someone like James. I can not thank this man enough and felt absolutely guilty that when I was driving out I looked over and he was folding up his wheel chair….. Need I say more

Frank Deak

Senior Maintenance Coordinator

Nissan Casting Plant

James Wood’s talk was pretty much an eye opener to all our employees from his talk, time and again it proved to all of us that we don’t realise what will happen to us if we don’t follow the rules and process. I would recommend every year to get one of the speakers to come and deliver talk about safety and share their experiences so that there will be no injuries at all.

James Wood came to Nissan Australia to kick off our Safety Awareness Week by sharing his story with all our staff and contractors. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to have everyone reflect on their own choices and the potential consequences that they have on themselves and others. James was extremely powerful in simply sharing his story in an open and candid way. All our staff walked way moved and with a renewed self awareness of the power of choices on their safety and the impact of others. James is also extremely professional, well spoken and humorous. He made himself available for all shifts. I would recommend the experience as a great way to reinvigorate awareness.

Menard Oceania decided that we would stop all our projects and hold a safety day. This safety day enabled us to have our whole workforce in the same room at once, something that is normally not achievable. Alan came to site to deliver his story and was amazing at what he did. Where I was seated i was able to see a lot of employees reactions and I could tell he was having an affect. Where Toolbox Talks and Safety Alerts have their place in construction nothing will make you think about safety more than seeing and hearing the consequences. Alan stories not only told of the physical and emotional effect on him but also his family, friends and workmates. I thoroughly recommend Alan as a guest speaker and also CNBSafe as a whole. The whole process was made so easy from start to finish and I am sure we will use them in the future. Thanks Alan and thanks Vanessa.

In any presentation delivered to our associates I have never seen a large number line up and shake the presenters hand and thank them for delivering the presentation. During the past week there have been many informal conversations on site about James presentation and associates approaching me to say how much they appreciated the presentation.

Alan’s presentation was well balanced between the injury and the post injury effects on mental health, family, friends, colleagues and others involved & those indirectly involved.
A great presentation and well delivered.

Mark Kilby

State Operations Manager


James was an amazing story teller who spoke of his personal experiences as a cautionary tale that is relevant for young people entering the work force. Thank you James for sharing your story.

From the start the whole booking process was very easy and simple. Alan’s communication was great leading up to the event we asked him to attend. He came organised and prepared for his presentation/story which made everything very simple and stress-free. Alan was very open and honest about his whole experience and even managed to slip a bit of humour in there which was good to see! His message really hit home to all of our employees and for those who wanted to ask questions and discuss anything in further, Alan was very easy going and happy to answer all questions.

Carly Shyhun

HSET Administration

CSA Mine Cobar

James was such a pleasure to present alongside, his story allowed our teams to connect with safety in a complete different format, the visual and heart felt message is such a powerful way to share the true reflection of a work place injury, and this is what safety is all about.

James ability to engage with the workforce is seriously the key to the power of a message.

And he’s not such a bad Aussie.

I would work alongside this great man any day. Kia Kaha James !

Shane King

Principal Health, Safety & Environment Advisor

Broadspecturm New Zealand

It’s not the first time I’ve has Woody to one of my sites and it definitely won’t be the last – his story is powerful and inspirational at the same time. We had grown men with tears in their eyes, and if it stops one person from making the wrong choice – by just simply stopping and thinking “how can I do this safely in order to walk out that gate tonight, then its worth it.

Jasmin Shelly

Senior HSE Advisor


James presentation was spot on. He mentioned he is not a fan of public speaking, however our group of Apprentices were highly attentive throughout his entire session. James is great at telling his story and relating it back to them as individuals and to us as a business. We do appreciate him being able tie together the human side of actions and choices within a workplace.

Tania Fantini

Change Business Partner


Alan addressed our team over 3 shifts, day, afternoon and night. His message was clear and relevant to our site. When speaking the room was silent and people listened – couldn’t ask for a lot more.

James was very personable, engaging and told his story with such emotion. We all enjoyed listening to his story and would love to be able to get him to our sites in the future to speak to the guys on site directly to drive home his message of choices and taking a moment to think about your safety and encouraging others to be safe.

David McCaughey

General Manager HSET


We have had James visit in the past and were very excited to have him back on site. James’ story fits very well with our behavioural safety focus and importance of individual choices in personal safety.

There were some workers who thought they would get the same message, however they really enjoyed hearing this updated version which included our message.

Overall this was a wonderful series of sessions, with excellent communication from James and his team, making a positive, meaningful impact on many of our workers.

This is the second time I have utilised James Wood to speak at a Safety Day and he has not let us down, with his emotive talks indicating the choices he had and what the choices each and every one of the audience will have in the future and who may be affected. Highly skilled and pulled at the heart-strings of the audience.

Thank you James for speaking at our recent Safety Summit, our day was all about “Who are you Safe for?” Your Choices talk hit all the right notes and you had our attendees captivated. They appreciated your “Down to Earth” nature and your candour in speaking about your very personal experience.

I highly recommend engaging James Wood to help improve your businesses safety performance and culture. James sends a clear safety message that your ‘choices’ will keep you safe at work and to take the time to understand your risks before starting a job. He personalises his message by sharing his story after a mining safety accident that is well accepted by the workforce. The safety discussions facilitated by these presentations has been excellent for our business and feedback from the workforce has been overwhelmingly positive.

Andrew Kozlowski

Manager Sustainable Development

Gold Fields St Ives

Our staff really enjoyed having Alan on site and listening to his life story – all information was taken on board and into account. I’m sure our staff will be discussing Alan for the next few weeks and how safety can play a huge in our daily work and home life and how it can affect those around us. We will be sure to look after each other and speak up about safety issues. Thank you Alan.

Angela Logozzo

Site Administration Assistant

Lemnos Foods

Rohan’s message is an important reminder that it is not always what WE do that causes a life changing event, it can also be the acts of others that are not within our control.

Rob Kidd

HSET Manager


His presentation took us on the journey from incident to today and everything in between. His strength and courage to relive this in such detail is to be commended. His story is a stark reminder of the impact a work place injury has on not only the injured person but the complete family, friends and colleges. He presentation is one of the best we have seen and can highly recommend his presentation. He connected with all the people in the audience from office workers to trades, he was brilliant. We cannot thank Rohan enough for sharing his story.

Michael Dwyer

Mechanical Construction Coordinator


We would like to thank Michelle for her continued courage in helping prevent serious and fatal accidents from happening in all worksites that she visits. Her story engages everyone that will listen and forces them to realise that SAFETY is paramount in all workplaces.

James was able to get through to everyone from the shop floor to management with his story. James’ at times brutal honesty was a wakeup call to show our people why all this ‘safety stuff’ is important and how 1 wrong choice can impact your life forever. James’ talk is thought provoking and engaging and at times uncomfortable, but the message is clear and has continued across conversations on site after James left.

Neil Brook

HSEQ Manager: Western Region

TW Power Services

Michelle’s story was direct, relevant and brought a few tears to the group. Michelle’s story fitted our target audience perfectly, it showed the ripple effect of such a tragedy. Courageously presented, well articulated and deeply personal.

Stephen Pelchen

Manager Quality & Safety

Langdon Building

Greg story tells each of us that we are not indispensable and how a stupid act of pushing boundaries on fatigue had a lifetime impact on him and his family.

Vijay Vetrivel

Manager Capital Deliver

APA Group

Michelle was incredible, to have the strength to discuss that tragic circumstances that resulted in the death of her son Alex was amazing. It was such powerful presentation told(in our situation) to 80 Refrigeration Technicians who are working in the same industry as Alex. Thank you Michelle for sharing you story.

Rohan has experienced a major trauma in his life. He was able to clearly articulate the contributing factors that led to his accident and to keep his audience enthralled with the personal challenges of dealing with the impact on his life after the accident. Rohan is an excellent speaker and provides realism to the safety training that we all undergo.

Danny Foo

Quality and Safety Manager

Lockheed Martin

Just thought that I would extend my appreciation and gratitude on behalf of ThyssenKrupp for sending Rohan to our QLD branch. His sincerity, honesty and the personalisation of his presentation was so clearly evident and touching.
Please send Rohan my regards and our deep gratitude for his time over the past few days. I look forward to engaging with Rohan and yourself in the future.

Alan has a powerful story to tell and he does it in an open, honest and at times humorous way that keeps everyone focused on what he is saying from start to finish.

Chris Chandler

Amcor Flexibles Acacia Ridge

Rohan presented from the heart, his story captured the audience and pulled them through his emotional roller coaster. An excellent presentation.

Neil Brooks

HSEQ Manager Western Region

TW Power Services

We were thrilled to welcome James Wood to our staff forum this year. James is a strong promoter of taking personal responsibility for safety and shares the impact on his own life of skipping safety precautions. The presentation was down to earth and relatable to people at all levels of the business. It was wonderful sharing some laughs along with the important messages. I highly recommend James to anyone looking for a presentation with impact that will last long after the event.

Belinda McPherson

People and Capability Advisor

Southern Rural Water

James Wood spoke to 90 of our outdoor operations staff about his story. He spoke about the choices he made on the day of his accident and the fact that he pays for those choices every day. His message got through to our people and you could have heard a pin drop when he was speaking. I thank him for having the courage to share his story.

Tony McGann

Manager Infrastructure Services

Yarra Ranges Council

Woody set the scene for the remainder of our program with his choices presentation. A dinkum yarn with a powerful yet simple message. Our event participants kept referring to Choices throughout the day. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Woody as a presenter or keynote speaker to anyone wanting to impress upon their people the importance of stopping and making the right choices before undertaking work tasks.

Paul Newbery

AWTG Pty Ltd

Alan delivered an extremely powerful presentation on how a 2 second event changed his life forever. The focus of his message was on the personal impact of his injury on his family and his life from a single workplace act of complacency, which makes it relevant for all audiences. Alan’s delivery was open, honest and emotive, ensuring everyone who hears his story will forever remember his message and help businesses maintain and continue the developments of a safety mindset culture. Thank you!

I am a construction site nurse, in my past experiences I’ve seen firsthand the impact a life changing injury can have on a person and their loved ones. James’s presentation was very professional and raw. My workers really felt the impact of his message and will now think twice before making ‘choices’ in the workplace.

Naomi Parker

HSE Administrator / Industrial Medic

Multiplex Woodside

A really powerful open speaker who shares the most difficult time of his life which originated by not following safety rules. James was able to address not only the physical side of the accident but also the mental effects it had on him. A fantastic way for people to realise that the rules are there for a reason.

Stuart Milligan

Track & Structures Delivery Manager

Metro Trains

Alan’s presentation kept everyone enthralled and put a different perspective on safety for everyone who attended. I would recommend Alan to any business to show the reality behind an incident & the impact that an incident has on not only the injured person, but their family friends & work colleagues.

Pat Goldie

Manager M,E&I Services

Downer Group

Prior to Alan’s visit most people, myself included, tended to think about the physical issues associated with an accident. Alan’s story really brought home the emotional strain that is places on the people all around him and what he personally went through.

I found the sadness, pain and guilt (for his family) quite overwhelming and confronting and Rohan’s story of recovery and strength of character is something that will stay with me for a very long time.

Madeline Jetson

DSTO Scottsdale

Alan was fantastic! His story was amazing and all of our team was engaged & listened to his journey. We found this presentation very relevant to our workplace and recommend this service to everyone.

Lauren Reuss

Assistant Operations Manager

PGH Bricks & Pavers

James was a fantastic speaker and delivered a strong message to our guests. He presented on his real-life situation and made the guests think about how the choices you make can affect the rest of your life and those around you. It was a very powerful message and was highly commended by our guests. Would recommended James and his team. James is very engaging and takes the opportunity to deliver his presentation as an effective story teller rather than a formal.

Alan’s story made me realise how important it is to work safely, not only for your own wellbeing but for those around us and in particular your family. His story also emphasises the need to be strong and confident when raising safety issues at work and not just accept that this has always been like it or the way we have always done it.

Trevor Roesler

HSE & Training Superintendent

Ensign Energy

James was very courageous about telling his story and how it has affected his life. James was well spoken and gave a clear message on how thinking about your actions can prevent serious injury.
James presentation was worth while and appreciated.

I couldn’t recommend James highly enough. Miners can be hard to reach but with James telling his story in his easy going manner the workforce was able to relate really easily and the simple yet strong message was able to get through.

Big thanks to both James and Vanessa for helping us out. Keep up the good work guys. We may never be able to prove it but you guys are saving lives in an industry that takes too many fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers from their families.

Alan’s story highlights complacency, courage, resilience, taking responsibility and the need for everyone to speak up for safety in the workplace.

Damien Cocks

Manager Communications

Fulton Hogan

Downer EDI Works Hume depot had James Wood attend a toolbox ending training week.
The message that James shared was very well presented in a layback style… however very powerful message.
James was not afraid to tackle issues and was willing to answer “ANY” questions put to him.
James was able to share how a decision he made that day changed his whole life, and the lives of others close to him, his workmates and how the effects of such a situation is life changing
I highly recommend James to share his story with your team.

Jozef Baranowski

Zero Harm Advisor Transport and Infrastructure

Downer Group Hume ACT

James Wood visited the city of Darwin to run 2 sessions in regards to the choices he made. He was absolutely amazing and engaged everyone within our workforce. Most of the staff stayed back to shake James hand and have a chat.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is true in this case. To visually see James in a wheelchair speaking to a group of young people and parents of young people discussing how his life changed after a split second decision. I would not be able to tell you how long the session went for as it was interesting and informative from start to finish.

Anita Borg

Lab Co-Ordinator Burdekin Region


Michelle gave us a direct, honest and very clear picture of what family life is like after losing a loved one to a workplace accident, including the ongoing angst of dealing with coroners and investigations.

Beth Gibson

Communications Officer South Western Alliance

VicRoads & Fulton Hogan

Rohan shared his story with APA personnel and contractors who perform day to day work in the field on gas mains where a lapse in judgement or missing a step in a procedure can have life altering consequences, the impact of Rohan’s story and how easily it happened was felt by all who were present. The positive they all spoke about after the presentation was Rohan’s and his families perseverance and resilience in overcoming his injuries and being able to speak frankly and honestly about the causes and the impact to him and his family.

Robin Gray

State Operations Manager SA

APA Group SA Networks

James presented to a room full of supervisors and managers from the experience of an injured worker. The relaying of his story contained a lot of information and a good summary which was useful for supervisors to understand the choices they bring to the workforce each day.

James Wood attended the Cardiff Service Delivery Centre and shared his story. I found the workers could really relate to James as a lot of our workforce are maintenance worker (fitters, mechanics, painters, electricians and trade assistants). They found the story interesting and brought a sense of reality around they choices we make and how a workplace injury can really impact your life in all it’s aspects.

Toni Moore

Zero Harm Advisor


Very well presented. It was very factual and not a sob story by the presenter, Alan. My guys realised how quickly a life changing incident can happen just doing a routine task, and the impact it has on those around you.

Rohan delivered a compelling presentation to a mixed audience of senior managers, contractor’s, field based and office employees. Irrespective of everyone’s professional background, Rohan managed to hit the mark with his message.

Paul Berlangieri

Contracts Manager


We had James come and talk to our staff at the depot last month. The presentation was very well received. His message was personal, authentic, genuine and relatable. The feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive and appreciative that he came to talk to us and share his message. I can strongly recommend the benefit and impact of having James coming to talk to your team about safety and injury prevention.

Grant Jack

Group Manager Infrastructure & City Projects

Manningham Council

James’ presentation is sobering and down to earth because he is quite open and more than happy to get the word out to people about how a major injury can happen so suddenly and can have a life long devastating impact on not only the person injured but many associated with that person.

Michael’s story is too familiar for many People Managers. The outcome for Michael is life altering and powerful for all those that hear it. It presents an opportunity to identify those signs and symptoms and prioritise our physical and mental health so that we can be the best version of ourselves both inside and outside of work.
Thanks Michael for sharing your story.

Jacqui Smith

Principal Health and Safety Advisor

Logan City Council

James has been a fantastic presenter with a great story to share.. His content a message was very relatable for the group and he was very open and thorough with answering the groups questions.

Bronwyn Laister


Greg shared his incredible story of his fatigue related incident, and the affect it had on his physical and mental health, his family, friends and co-workers. His tenacity to overcome and deal with the outcomes were truly inspiring. His talk was heartfelt and honest, and left the audience with much to think about in regards to decisions they might make now when feeling the effects of fatigue.

Melissa Teo

Safety Promotion & Communication Manager

Metro Trains Melbourne

Greg Smith presented on “Don’t Push Fatigue“ our “Saving Lives Through Technology“ breakfast seminar on the 12th March. His message really resonated with the audience and brought strong focus to the importance of managing fatigue to many in the transport industry. It was a powerful message which outlined in detail the huge impact this event had on his life and provided inspiration to all through his ability to rise to the peak of his chosen sports.

James shared his story with great conviction and it resonated very strongly with our miners. If it can happen to James it can happen to them and it was all about the choice he chose! Thank you Team James for sharing your story.

Bella Reynolds

Health and Wellness Coordinator

New Hope Group

I found CNB Safe very professional with the service that they offer. The website is very informative and has some great resources. James is very down to earth sort of guy, which everyone can relate to. I commend him on his courage and emotional strength to repetitively share his story. James conducted 2 sessions per day, 5 days with a total of 10 sessions. His commitment to sharing his story and delivering a strong message of ‘Choices’ for many years is very much inspiring.

It was great that someone has taken the time out of there life to come to a small mining community, to share their story, their outcomes, low points and lifestyle changes to a group of young Apprentices.
I am sure each one have taken something positive away from James’s Story.

James’ key message was that “You as an individual are responsible for your safety in the first place and the Choices you make as an individual largely determine your safety outcome.“

Alan Newey spoke well and from the heart. His message was aligned with our Safety message of taking care of yourself and your mates and not being complacent about Safety. The message was well received by our people as well. We could not have gotten and better speaker for our people at this time. Thank you Alan and Vanessa.

Helen Tutton

Safety Advisor


James Wood spend the week with STA, touring all of our Depots and sharing his story. James’ ability to connect with our workforce was fantastic. He shared his story, but also connected it to our workforce and their environment. Our staff engagement was huge and we have had very positive feedback from those who heard him speak.

Amelia Fraser

SHEQ Coordinator

State Transit Authority

James Wood has a way of sharing a deeply personal story in a way that appeals to anyone he speaks to. He is charismatic and genuine and you get a real sense that he is sharing his story for one outcome – a safer workplace for all. By speaking about CHOICES and the effects an injury has on all facets of life, James reached everyone that was present when he spoke. The James Wood Whirlwind World Tour of STA was a massive logistical undertaking to maximise impact, and James’ ability to deliver 14 Toolbox Talks over 5 days at 8 different locations was an inspiring effort. Thanks to James and Vanessa for making this happen.

Johl Hayes

Principal Manager Safety and Well Being

State Transit Authority

I would just like to thank Rohan again for sharing his safety story with our group.
It was a powerful and emotional presentation and the take home messages were extremely valuable.

Lauren Szczur

Program Coordinator, Rail Safety Improvement

Metro Trains Melbourne

Coming from similar industries, Michael’s message relates directly to many of us. Numerous comments from attendees have come through around similar experiences, it has triggered a lot of discussion around work/life balance and mental health.

Steven Press

Risk and Compliance Officer

Coogee Chemicals

Woody’s courage to relive & retell his challenging journey and darkest moments in life, to hopefully help others make the right choice when it counts is a true testament to his character.
He was authentic and engaging, which was evident by the body language of the audience, if they leant in a mm closer in their seat they would have fallen flat on their face. Thanks for sharing Woody

Jane Lonard

Manufacturing Manager

Bega Foods

Michael Weston – I came into the session with an open mind. The session made me re-evaluate my life seriously. We can easily forget about our own health and focus on the job. This made me go home and have a chat with my husband too. Furthermore, it highlighted the importance of paying attention to ourselves and our co-workers or love ones, to notice and pick up on the change and help them before it is too late.

I myself being a victim of a workplace accident, I felt very sorry for James and of course the whole lot of people who have been injured in a safety related incident/accident. I felt a tear drop in the corner of my eye when he was talking about the difficulty when he needs to use the restrooms. Very pathetic and tearful.

Rajesh Ganeshan

Maintenance CNC Specialist

Nissan Casting Aus

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