Drink Driving

Woody Shares

I want to share a story with you about Drink Driving. 

Someone I know recently got done for D.U.I. But the sad thing about this is that they thought they were doing the right thing. They went out to a party, organised a lift to and from the party. But because they had to work the next day they actually left early and went home.

They left for work the next morning and told me they felt great, stopped for a sausage roll at the bakery on the way to work and continued on.
A short time later they were pulled over into a roadside RBT. They told me that they felt fine and were not worried at all about being tested. I know this person is responsible because previously I have invited them over for a BBQ or dinner and they have said to me that they can’t drive because they went out last night!

They tested positive for alcohol and were taken back to the station for a further test. This person is on a provisional license and the limit is 0.0 and their license was cancelled for 6 months!

This person needs their license for work, so they had to move out of where they were staying and find somewhere closer to work. There is still a possibility that the employer may not be able to support them for the next 6 months without a license, they have had to arrange transport to and from work and to different job locations, the changes in a very short period have been huge!

Now the safety side of this story is that they did not get hurt or hurt anyone else. That would have been horrible. This person is quite lean and obviously it takes longer than most for the alcohol to get out of their system.


So next time you think you might be ok to drive…

Just have a think about it!    You might not be! 


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