Safety Speaker – Alan Newey

Can you imagine being right handed & losing your right arm above the elbow! Alan Newey can…

A workplace incident changed Alan’s life forever and he is still dealing with the effects of losing a limb! Alan shares his story to inform employees that when you get hurt at work it changes EVERYTHING!

Let your employees hear first-hand the cause of Alan’s injury. Alan will talk about the events leading up to his injury & what could have been done to prevent it. This is important for people to hear as many employees still believe that “Accidents Happen” & there is not much we can do about them!

One of the things that Alan Newey talks about is that safety is a shared responsibility therefore the importance of employees & employers to work together to ensure that everyone goes home at the end of the day is essential.

Not only does Alan talk about the Amputation of his arm he also shares his story on coping after the injury and the impact on family & friends, getting on with life after injury, prescriptions drug dependency and many other issues.

Safety Presentation – The Human Side of Safety

Safety Speaker Alan Newey speaks from the point of view of an injured worker and gives a real insight into what happens to you during and after such a devastating experience.

He is extremely honest about the issues and effects of a workplace incident.  Alan’s presentation not only addresses the sequence of events leading to his injury but the flow-on effects he experiences after getting hurt at work.

Alan will answer any questions during his session making this is a perfect opportunity to discuss how his accident has changed his life & affected his family & friends.

Invite Alan to your workplace to show your workmates the impact that an injury will have.

Read more about Alan’s presentation The Human Side of Safety HERE

Alan Newey

Topics Shared

His workplace accident

Hospital to Rehabilitation

Effect on Family & Friends Coping with workplace injury

Prescription drug dependence Work Safe investigation

Complacency & Workplace Culture

Alan shares ‘The Human Side of Safety’

Clients Say

Alan’s story was very relevant to the apprentices who attended. His story had funny moments, shocking moments and sad moments. All were received well by the audience. Thank you Alan for sharing your story!

Rebecca Harris

Workforce Development Advisor

GFG Alliance

Alan’s story hit us hard, many of us found it very emotional, but he has an amazing way of telling it, with jokes, laughter and positivity – amazing after what he has been through. Here is the real deal of why it’s so important to empower your people to ‘speak up’. Thoroughly recommend YOU get him in front of your people, his message is powerful.

Donna Baker

Safety Health and Wellbeing Manager

Brown and Watson International

Alan was kind enough to come and present to our group of first year apprentices (30 in total). His story of how the accident happened, how his injury not only affected him but those close to him and the obstacles that he has had to overcome as a result of losing his arm really hit home the importance of working safely in the workplace and not being afraid to speak up if you feel something is not safe.

It was also appreciated that Alan spoke freely about events that happened after the accident that most people might shy away from due to the nature of the events. After the presentation Alan was fantastic as he hung back to talk to the apprentices and answer the multitude of questions they threw at him.
I would highly recommend Alan to anyone thinking of having a guest speaker come to their organisation.

Daniel Shipard

Training Superintendent

Wilmar Sugar

Alan was just what our site needed to bring a higher level of safety awareness. His incident – before, during & after, was eye opening for all who attended & how just 1.2 seconds can change a person’s life.

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