Woody’s Words – Week 55 – Waiting on a plane

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke spends a lot of time on planes.
How much longer does he spend on a plane that the average person?

Hey, everyone. Woody here. This is a sneaky Woody’s words. I am sitting on the plane and I am the first on. That’s pretty cool, because at the moment I’ve got the whole plane to myself. But, what happens with people in my situation, in a wheelchair or with any sort of injury, they get me on the plane first. But I have to get off the plane last. Now, you just think about that for a second. How long does it take to fill a plane up? 15-20 minutes; so I’m on the plane 15 20 minutes before everybody else, and then at the other end of the flight, I’ve got to wait 15 to 20 minutes till everyone gets off, and they get me off last so on; just been probably 40 minutes plus, sitting on the plane, waiting for people to get on and off. So think about that. That’s a lot of extra time sitting on planes.

Anyhow, I am Woody. Stay safe Australia and next time you’re on the plane, and you see me on a plane, get off quick because I can’t get off till you get off. See you soon.

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