Meet Woody the Safety Bloke

G’day everyone, my name is James Wood, but having worked in Mining and Construction I pretty quickly became known as Woody and then Woody the Safety Bloke.

Leaving school early and did an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic, one day I got up and went to work….. I came home 9 months later.

I had an accident while doing my job, the accident was caused by the CHOICES I made!

Some years after my accident I was asked to share my story at a workplace to show people the real result of getting hurt, I’ve been doing it ever since.

I try to give people a realistic view on what it is like to get hurt, I don’t use statistics or charts or bullshit, I tell it like it is, getting hurt really sucks and will change EVERY single part of your life.

Feel free to check out my social media. I often post pictures of me on planes by myself (I get on the plane first and off last). There is pictures of hotel rooms that claim to be accessible but are just not and I post pictures of a wheelchair person’s worst nightmare… DOGSHIT!

But seriously let’s have a bit of fun with safety, join me ‘Woody the Safety Bloke’ as I show you the impact that my accident has had on my life.

Feel free to ask any questions that you have always wanted to know about someone in a wheelchair……. No I can’t do doggy style!

Woody the Safety Bloke also does short videos that you can watch absolutely free, check them out at Woody’s Words.

Let’s take a seriously fun look at how you can avoid getting hurt and don’t have to put up with some of the things that Woody the Safety Bloke and other injured workers have to put up with.

I’m Woody the Safety Bloke

Stay Safe Australia

Woody the Safety Bloke