CNB Safe Speakers

What if you could SHOW your employees the REAL effects of a serious workplace accident?

At CNB Safe Speakers we have an injured worker that can visit your workplace and share their safety presentation and experience with your site!

Our safety speakers are willing to help you on your safety journey by telling how an injury changed their lives and affected many people around them.

In January 2002, James Wood established C & B Safe Pty Ltd  a safety information and training consultancy across Australia and New Zealand.

Drawing from personal experience, CNB Safe develops and delivers thought provoking and informative safety presentations. These safety presentations provide an insight into the real effects of workplace injury and challenge audience members to consider their safety responsibilities.

Since its inception, CNB Safe has been responsible for changing personal attitudes towards safety and today CNB Safe continues to develop its services and is working towards having a larger voice in the community, stressing the importance of making safer choices to as wide an audience as possible.

James has since been joined by other workers that have been injured at work & are willing to share their story.

Our message is simple…

Safety is all about going home to
our families and friends after work!

What we can offer you?

  • Our Safety Speakers are the first to admit they are not safety professionals but that is part of the reason that so many people listen to what they are saying! They will basically tell their story and ask your workers to think about the consequences of the ‘Choices’ they make
  • During some sessions employees will raise issues that they may hesitate to raise with a manager or supervisor therefore our speakers can provide feedback to management on these issues
  • We have developed a series of short informal workshops, each building on the importance of taking responsibility for your own safety and for the safety of your workmates
  • Provide written feedback and safety messages to reinforce the discussions with all groups

At CNB Safe Speakers we have noticed that the informal settings and independent forum allows workers to raise and discuss safety issues in a non-threatening manner. Issues that perhaps would not otherwise be raised therefore giving  you valuable feedback on how you can improve safety across your organisation.

SBS – Small Business Secrets films CNBSafe

SBS – Small Business Secrets filmed a piece explaining what CNBSafe does and how we are striving to expand our business to provide real life safety messages and information to workplaces throughout Australia.

Meet the Speakers


Alan Newey


Michael Weston


What people say about our Safety Speakers


Woody is an excellent speaker, he shares his story in such a powerful way that you feel present and can visualise the incident as it happens. Woody presents powerful and relevant aspects that impact him and his life as well as those around him. Participants were brought to tears from the emotion shared in the story.

Janie Schulkes
Head of Health, Safety & Wellbeing

James Wood is a great speaker, hitting the messages each and every time. He has the ability to relate to the audience – third time we have had him speak and we will certainly have him back again! Thank you James.

Danielle Goldman
Learning & Development Manager

Dr. Lana Cormie delivered a powerful and insightful presentation on safety in the workplace.
She demonstrated a deep understanding of safety principles, backed by her unfortunate life experience that she was faced with.
What sets Lana apart is not only her knowledge but also her passion for promoting a culture of safety. It was evident that she genuinely cares about the well-being of individuals in the workplace and she really is fighting to share her message because no one should experience anything like she did and she still is.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lana Cormie to any organisation seeking a speaker who can educate, inspire, and instil a culture of safety.

Daniela Ilievska
Junior Process Engineer