Why we do what we do..

We asked all the speakers to share with you a statement or a sentence about why they are passionate about sharing their stories. This is their why!

James Wood

“I enjoy showing people the real result of getting hurt at work. If I’d seen or heard how an accident would have changed my life I would have put more effort into making sure I did not get hurt.”

Michelle Rath

“Our journey of grief never ends and by educating others to make smarter choices can hopefully create better awareness of the long term consequences of losing a loved one to a workplace accident.”

Greg Smith

“I tell my story to try and get people to think. Even if only one person sees me, and more importantly hears me, then the next time they put themselves or others in danger and they remember my story and stop to think about the possible tragic outcomes that their actions could have, then I have done my job.”

Michael Weston

“Sharing my lived experience makes it all worth it when I witness the positive impact it has had on peoples lives.”

Alan Newey

“The importance for me on why we do what we do, is to prevent other families going through what my family went through as the flow on affect never ends. “

Rohan Sykes

“I am motivated to share my story with the notion that every worker should feel they are entitled to go to work and come home every day.”