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Michael Weston – Safety Speaker

Michael will walk into your workplace with no obvious injury. He has not lost a limb, he doesn’t need a walking stick or a wheelchair. Yet his injuries are as serious as those who do!

Michael will live the rest of his life with an acquired brain injury (ABI) as a result of a breakdown due to stress and mental fatigue.

A career of 20 years in heavy industry saw Michael rewarded with a leadership role, he not only had to ensure production, but he was responsible for other people. A normal 10 to 12 hour workday often dragged out to 14 and 16 hours, days off were spent answering phone calls from the site or ‘Catching up’ on work that just “Had” to be done.

Work/Life balance became Work/Work balance with a bit of life thrown in when it didn’t interfere with the job.

Something had to give, and it was Michael’s body. He walked out his front door not feeling quite right but knowing he had to get to work and he collapsed on his driveway and was found by his neighbor unconscious and not breathing.

Michael is now affected by; short term memory loss, impaired cognitive function, limited attention span, hypersensitivity to noise and bright light among other health and well-being impacts. In addition to these ailments, Michael was diagnosed with an ABI, Anxiety, Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of how these ailments affected both his working and private life.

Michael Westen

Safety Presentation – Head Above Water

Michael and his family have experienced a difficult journey, he hopes to share his experiences, thoughts and learnings with others globally (including Employees, Leaders, Employers, Business Owners, Families) who may be working in a highly stressful workplace.  

Michael’s motivation in sharing his personal story and journey is to provide HOPE to people who have had a similar experience or potentially prevent a similar event from happening to others.

Invite Michael to your workplace and you will reflect on some of the things that you do that you had not thought could lead to a build up of stress or fatigue.

Michaels story will not stop your people from working hard, it will make them aware that there needs to be a balance in everything that we do.

Michael can provide a considerable contribution to your employees and leadership teams success, mental health and wellbeing by…

Providing a real “life experience” to those at all levels of a workplace

Creating awareness on Mental Health in the workplace

Explaining how work-related stress can impact your physical and emotional health,  including the impact it has on the productivity of a business

Assist businesses in preventative measures

Providing a positive way forward for both individuals and businesses

Read more about Michael’s presentation Head Above Water HERE

Michael Weston - Safety Speaker

Topics Shared

The lead up to him collapsing

Events following his incident

Getting back to work (too early)

Searching for answers as to why things were “Not the same”

How it changed his life and how it affected his family

Life as it is now

Things you need to look out for

Michael shares ‘Head Above Water’

Clients Say

Mental Health, Workaholic, words we have all heard before, but we dismiss them as not something that relates to us. Michael Weston helps to dispel that myth in a candid account of his life’s journey, laced with both humour and his now philosophical approach to life. Michael helps to remove the stigma that is mental health and makes you realise it can happen and will happen if you fall into the trap of all work and no play. His story shows even through adversity he has come out the other side a stronger individual with the loving support of his family and at the same time continuing to face the demons of mental health head on. A true inspiration.

Stuart Anderson

National OH&S Officer Distribution Centres

Reece Plumbing

Michael captivated the audience by coming from a background and region that we all live and work in. His real life experience showed that he is a person who can openly talk about his journey and show that there is more to life than his event.
His personalisation of the presentation to suit our group was nothing short of amazing.

Shane Miller



Michael’s story is too familiar for many People Managers. The outcome for Michael is life altering and powerful for all those that hear it. It presents an opportunity to identify those signs and symptoms and prioritise our physical and mental health so that we can be the best version of ourselves both inside and outside of work.
Thanks Michael for sharing your story.

Jacqui Smith

Principal Health and Safety Advisor

Logan City Council

Coming from similar industries, Michael’s message relates directly to many of us. Numerous comments from attendees have come through around similar experiences, it has triggered a lot of discussion around work/life balance and mental health.

Steven Press

Risk and Compliance Officer

Coogee Chemicals

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