Woody’s Words – Week 75 – What Safety is really about!

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke and Safety Annie talk about being safe at Christmas time.
There is really only one reason for safety…and it is all about family & friends.

Woody: Hey everybody, this is Annie, say hi Annie, hello. Listen, I just wanted to give you a little bit of a different take on what safety is all about, you know to me safety is being able to come home and eat icy poles with my daughter, I’ve got two older boys, I enjoyed spending a bit of time and even having a beer with my older boys as well, so you know a lot of people think that safety is all about, you know, paperwork and rules and systems, it’s not, it’s about being able to spend time with people that we love and people that care about us so you know in the next few weeks I’ve put a little bit of extra effort in to make sure that you can have a good time with your family and eat lots of icy poles, stay safe Australia.

Annie: Stay safe Australia, Christmas Eve, I’m Santa, stay safe Santa. 

Woody: Hi Annie, can you say hello to everyone? 

Annie: Hello, hey listen Annie, I just want to ask you a couple of safety questions, okay now listen um, can you just tell me in tell everybody how do you think you would feel if your mommy or your daddy got hurt? 

Annie: sad. 

Woody: sad yeah and what about if it’s coming up to Christmas, isn’t it, do you think it’d be even worse if your mum or dad got hurt in the next few weeks. 

Annie: Yes.

Woody: so do you think it’s really important that everybody stays safe over the Christmas and New Year period 

Annie: yeah 

Woody: can you tell me why.

Annie: well if you get hurt while it’s near Christmas, you might not be able to spend Christmas with your parents or your Nan or Pop because they might be in Hospital.

Woody: oh that would be horrible, wouldn’t it if your Nan or Pop or your parents were in hospital, so I reckon we should put in a little bit of effort and stay safe, especially over Christmas and New Year yeah and everybody this is my reason for staying safe, you know, I just can’t imagine how my daughter and my family would cope if I got hurt, especially at this time of year so stay safe everyone and eat lots of icy poles because they’re good for you.

Annie: and this one has fruit. 

Woody: And this one has sugar, yum. 

Annie: stay safe, Christmas Eve. 


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