Woody’s Words – Week 72 – On Dirt Man’s Boat

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke gets out on the water in a speed boat.
See how he has to get out of the boat… Thanks to Dirt Man!!

Hi everyone, it’s woody again, just being out on my mates boat for the day and had a good time on the boat but just want to show you how I have to get in and out of the boat. Obviously I can’t stand up and climb in so I just gotta lift myself up on the back of the boat and then down on to the, I’ve lost my shoes somewhere, I think they’re still in the boat. 

I should be fine mate and then just down in to the chair, this could be easier said than done, thanks Darren. 

Hey I got it, so imagine having to do that every time you get in and out of the other boat, I’m woody, stay safe Australia and this is Annie. Alright. 


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