Woody’s Words – Week 62 – Stuck at the Airport

Woody's Words

Woody’s Words – Week 62 – Stuck at the Airport

Woody the Safety Bloke is stuck at the airport.
What so you do when they can’t get you on the plane?

Hi everyone, Woody again. I am not sure if you can hear this, but I’m at the airport; Friday afternoon. I am in Newcastle, ready to go home. The guy just came and told me that there are pretty bad winds in Melbourne and they can get me on the plane here, but they’re not going to be able to get me off the plane in Melbourne. I know that sounds pretty funny. 

Imagine how you’d feel, if you wanted to get home on a Friday afternoon after being away and then they told you that they couldn’t get you off the plane; they couldn’t get you home. 

So, that’s just one of the things that I’ve got to deal with because of the fact that I’m in a wheelchair. So yeah it’s interesting. I’ve got to find somewhere to stay tonight. They’re going to try and get me out in the morning but they will assess it as it goes on… Anyhow, stay safe Australia.

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