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So I spend most of my working life trying to stop people from getting hurt. But here’s something that you might not have thought about?…… what would it be like if you had an injury, but then also got really sick!

This last week I have had the worst case of Man Flu in history, I seriously would have been happy to have just died in my sleep! Now I don’t cope with being sick, not many men do….. But you have to realise that the physicality required to deal with my injury is huge. I have to lift myself in & out of bed, lift myself on & off the toilet, in & out of the shower or bath!…… All just using my arms! So when you have a fever & are weak & feeling like crap it is just so much worse!

I’m lucky to have the support of family, my wife makes sure I have food & drink & is there if I need her, but as I’m such a miserable whingeing sick person she just leaves me alone!

I guess the reason I’m sharing this with you is that getting sick as an able bodied person is bad, but when you have an injury & you get sick it is much worse!


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