Woody’s Words – Week 71 – Changing the Oil

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke changes the oil on his car.
Check out how he gets under the bonnet…

Hey everyone, its Woody again, beautiful weather this weekend in Melbourne, catching up on a few things around the house, I’ve been away most of this month, decided to do an oil change on my car and I thought I might just share it with you. 

For most people, you know changing the oil in the field is a pretty simple job but you know for someone in the wheelchair it becomes a little bit more complicated. First thing I want to mention is, you know, whenever you’re working under a car make sure you use a jack stand don’t just leave it on the jack because you know there’s a chance that the jack could collapse while you’re under it so we’re going to drain the oil, take the filter off, refill it and put a new filter so just have a look at the way that I have to do this. 

Okay so normally, the easiest way for me to do this is just to get out of my chair and do it from the ground but the thing that always catches me out is I have to make sure I’ve got everything before I get down on ground otherwise it means I’ve gotta get back in and out, in and or call someone to get things for me so yeah it’s just a matter of lifting myself out of the, out of the chair. 

Now I got to be really careful what I do with my bum so I’ve always got a spare cushion that I sit on just to protect my bum, that’s not gonna work, see not as easy as it looks, try that way, that doesn’t look very elegant but at least I’m down on the ground now and I could start working on the car. 

Alright so I’ve drained the oil, I’ve taken the old filter off, put a new filter on so I’ve pretty much done everything I need to do, under the car, there has been times where I’ve got back into my chair and realized I’ve forgotten something so I’ve got to get out of the chair back under the car and back in again so it’s all a matter of, you know, planning it in your head but now I’ve got to get back up into my chair which is a lot harder than it sounds because I can’t put any weight through my legs at all so I have to lift my total body weight just by my arms. 

Now normally what I do is, I get someone just to hold my chair for me so I’ll call my little mate Annie, can you come and hold that there for me. Alright push it hard and don’t let it go okay and then I’ve gotta lift my whole body weight, just by my arms so it’s… so yeah imagine having to do that, two or three or ten times a day so just fill it back up with the oil and hopefully there’s no leaks. Anyhow I’m Woody, stay safe Australia. 

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