Is there anything better than a good Aussie road trip?

I’m writing this from Newcastle in NSW. On Friday, I left the Yarra Valley where I live and headed to Myrtleford to see my mum, I then headed to Dubbo to see my nephew and my sister and then across to Newcastle to work this week. So far I’ve covered 1300 kilometers and by the time I get home it will be close to 2500km.

Lots of time to think and to look at the amazing country we live in.

I’ve just finished an audio book and have managed to fit in a few podcasts. I can stop when I want to stop and I can go the way I want to go, rather than go where someone else takes me.

Just getting back to the previous wellbeing story, it’s been great for my mental health.
I’d rather spend 6 hours in a car than 2 hours on a plane.

Get out there and do your own Road Trip

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