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Do you ever find yourself tense and almost ready to “Burst”?
Do you go through a day where several things go wrong and it seems to just build up.
You get in your car at the end of the day and the drive home is stressful and you seem to get every red light or stuck behind a bad driver.

You then grab a beer or open a bottle of wine and have one or two drinks really quickly to try and “Settle your nerves” before having another three or four drinks with dinner.

If you have young kids there is the bathing, bed time and reading routines, before you settle into your own time.

But all this time you are checking your phone, reading emails, watching social media and getting sucked into clickbait.

Bed time approaches and you look forward to lying down but when you do, there are a million thoughts going through your head. What you didn’t do today, what you have to do tomorrow, kids stuff, work stuff.

Have you ever thought about where all of this stress is going? Normally, if you do get to sleep, you wake up the next day and it “Resets” and a new day starts.
But the stress is still building up inside you.

What can you do to get rid of this stress?

Well, you will be disappointed to hear that I can’t answer this for you. It’s something that you need to work out for yourself. I can, however, share with you what works for me. I will talk about it. If I’ve had a shit day or several things have gone wrong, I will share it with Ness (my wife) or I’ll call my eldest son Brad and have a chat with him.

It works for me and it gives me the chance to download or maybe offload is a better word? I don’t expect them to give me an answer or a solution, I just want to be able to share some of the things that have happened.

I believe that too many of us just keep things bottled up, we don’t share or offload things and for some people, this stress builds up and we eventually crack.

Have a think about how you deal with your stress levels, but also have a think about ways that you can offload some of your stress.

I spoke with our team and here are a few other ways that we can all relieve stress:

Michael Weston My “go to” is meditation and Yoga. I find this clears my head and is good for my body, but the important thing is to find something that works for you.

Greg Smith For me the best thing for my mental health and well-being is to get out on my adaptive mountain bike. Not only do I get the enjoyment from the physical exercise that I know my body is receiving, but it’s also the enjoyment of getting off the road and footpaths, and out into the bush trails. There’s just something about pushing my body to its limits while also watching and breathing in the natural world as I ride.

Alan Newey I have been struggling a lot lately with losing Kathy, more than I will admit.

Everyday I get up and wonder what the hell has happened.

To get through a day I imagine Kathy is with me physically not just in-spirit.
I then would pick one of the coffee shops we would like to go to and have coffee.
I seem to feel a little better, enough to enjoy the day.
It will never be easy but each day passing, I might just enjoy it a little more.

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