Woody’s Words – Week 46 – On & Off the Dunny

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke shows how he gets on & off the toilet.

Good day everyone, Woody again, hey listen I apologize if it sounds a little like I’m in a bathroom because I am in a bathroom, I wanted to show you something, I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this but have you ever thought about how someone in a wheelchair goes to the toilet? 

Not? I hadn’t either until I ended up in a wheelchair. I just want to show you how I get on and off the toilet but what I wanna ask you is, just have a look at it and have a think about how you’d cope if you had to do this, for like three, four, five or more times every day and the first thing or problem that I have is trying to find a toilet that I can get into. 

I mean there’s not that many wheelchair toilets around and public toilets they don’t get looked after real well so they’re easily pretty disgusting and pretty filthy but this is how I get on and off the toilet so you can see the bowl there, they’re most wheelchair friendly toilets have got a hand rail but I physically have to lift myself in and out of the wheelchair so it’s just a matter of grabbing the rail, lifting myself out of a chair and onto the toilet seat and then pull my legs off there and that’s the first part of it but I don’t think you’ve ever thought about this, have you ever tried to pull your pants down and then back up again while you’re sitting on the toilet? 

It’s pretty hard, I’ve got to undo my belt you know, undo my jeans and trying this wiggle from side to side that pull my pants down and then you know once I’m finished, pull my pants back up again so yeah there’s a lot more to it, than just you know being able to stand up and go to the loo or you know just get on and off the loo pretty quickly and then you know once I have finished my business, I have to again physically lift myself off the toilet and back up into my wheelchair so it’s just a matter of… there we go and I’m going to do that four, five or six times every day so have a think about it people, don’t hurt yourselves, it’s not worth it, stay safe Australia. 

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