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Some of you know that I’m a fully fledged petrol head. I’ve had more cars than most people and I am constantly playing, driving or working on my “Toys”.

The latest project is my 1971 HG Holden Kingswood. Since my last update, I’ve put some time (and money) into her and she is slowly coming together.

I’ve concentrated on the steering and suspension over the last few months, every ball joint, tie rod end, sway bar bush, shock absorber, spring and steering joint has been replaced with new ones. I’ve put a thicker front sway bar on it and I’m thinking about a rear one.
Meanwhile the engine block has been at the engine builder. The engine builder took it out 30 thou, put forged pistons in, checked the crank and rods to make sure they will handle 5500rpm (it’s a cruiser) and all new race bearings. The bottom end is balanced.

I got it back and put in a head from Head Stud Developments (HSD), which is a copy of the old Yella Terra heads. I’ll run screw in Yella Terra roller rockers with hydraulic lifters.
The cam is a Crow cam, quite mild but with good power from 2000-5200rpm, which is where it spends most of its life.
I’ve got a 350 two barrel holley carb and manifold ready, I bought an ICE electronic distributor, coil and ignition controller and will fit it after I get the motor run in.

I really should do the auto transmission but it’s still running and shifting fine, so I might wait and see how it goes with the new motor.

Stay tuned, I’ll post a video of the motor running once it’s in.

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