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Woody Shares

Some of you will know that I love my cars, I’ve always been a car enthusiast and have been lucky enough to own some magnificent old cars. My latest purchase in another 1971 HG Holden Kingswood. It has little rust, is straight and drives well. It has a 186 with a trimatic (those of you who know your old Holdens will know what I’m talking about)

Now I work in safety, so it made me think “Am I exposing myself to risk by driving this old girl?”

Modern cars have anti lock brakes, traction control, lane departure warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Pedestrian alert systems and many more active safety systems.

The HG has none of these, so am I risking my safety by driving this vehicle?

I’d be interested in your views on this…email me at woody@cnbsafe.com.au

Meet CoCo…

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