It’s a CHOICE for Mental Health

We are slowly learning to live with COVID, restrictions are easing, states are opening, businesses are adapting, and employees are evolving…..

Myself and the other speakers have been getting out to workplaces and sharing our stories but the way we have been getting there has changed.

Firstly, there are online workplace presentations and then we have the “old school” face-to-face visits.

I’ve done both in the last few months but I’ve decided that where possible, I will drive to a workplace.

I have been lucky not to have experienced COVID and I’d like to try and avoid it for as long as I can. Not only that but it is good for my Mental Health. A six-hour road trip (with breaks and toilet stops of course) is so much more relaxing than a two-hour flight (plus an hour waiting for your flight and the collection of luggage, which can often end up being four hours in total!

I guess it’s all about CHOICES, we have a great mental health speaker, Michael Weston, who stresses the importance of work/life balance and I am taking his advice.

What CHOICES are you making to balance your life and protect your mental health?

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