HG Updates

For the petrol heads among us I thought I’d give you an update on my old HG.

So I gave her a good old clean out a few weeks ago. From what I can tell she’s pretty original, I believe it has the factory carpet (it’s in pretty bad shape). It has some rust in the spare wheel well and in one of the rear quarter panels but none in the subframes or floor (Bonus).

Modifications so far, I have fitted a set of lowered springs all around and some new shock absorbers. New suspension rubbers and bushes with a wheel alignment. Just this week I had a new exhaust system made up including a set of extractors I had lying in my shed. She sounds superb at about 3500RPM.

I’ll have a bit of a play with her over the break, I need to flush the radiator and fit an aftermarket oil pressure and temperature gauge.
Still unsure whether to stick with the 186 or to upgrade to a V8?
For some reason I have a real affection for a Holden 6 red motor….
But I’d like to hear your thoughts?

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