Woody’s Words – Week 64 – It’s not like buying a new pair of thongs!

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke talks wheelchairs….

What happens when it breaks?

P.S. Blooper – Language alert!! And spelling error….

Good day everyone, Woody here. Just doing a bit of maintenance on one of my spare wheelchairs. It got me thinking that there’s really not much that I can do without relying on a piece of equipment. I mean, you think about this, I need a wheelchair to get around – all day every day. I showed you before, I’ve got a set of hand controls that I use to drive a car, sporting equipment, I’ve got my hand powered bikes. So just about everything I do, I need to rely on a piece of equipment. The problem with that is that sometimes this equipment lets me down. I’ve had wheelchairs break. I was away somewhere, and I had a problem with my hand controls at one stage. So just have a think about that for a minute. 

I mean if you were away on holiday and something happens with your shoe, or your double plug of thongs blow you, that’s happened to me before as well. You can just go to the shop and buy another pair of thongs or another pair of shoes. I can’t do that with this type of equipment. I have to either get it repaired, or have a spare one. So, I always keep a spare wheel chair just in case something happens to my everyday chair. That’s a lot of resources, I mean there’s $5,000 tied up in a wheelchair. I’ve got to have five thousand dollars just sitting there, just in case something goes wrong. 

So, these are just some of the other issues that you just don’t think about until you end up in this situation. So don’t hate yourself people. Stay safe Australia, I’m Woody. 


There’s really not much that I do, that I don’t have to rely on a piece of equipment. I mean you think about it, I need a wheelchair to get around every day. I showed you a while ago that I need hand controls to drive a car, I’ve got a bike that I use, it’s hand powered. So most of the stuff that I use… F**k that f***ing plane. 


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