Fix it NOW… not later!

James Wood

Have an admission to make, I let something go on for too long and someone got hurt!

Ok so my man shed is down the back, I have a side access door and a roller door. 95% of the time I use the roller door to get in and out, but because I’m only 4 feet tall in my wheelchair I only open it enough for me to get in and out. This has led to other (not in wheelchairs) people having to duck down or to open the door further to get in.

A couple of times my wife and some mates have accidentally bumped their head on the roller door when ducking down and on Saturday I had a mate who said to me “Why don’t you put a strap on that door so you can open it fully but still use the strap to pull it closed”.

I said “Yeah I’ll do it one day”

The following day I was down in the shed and Vanessa came down for a chat and then left to go back up to the house and just as she was leaving I heard a bang followed by some swearing… Yep she banged her head on the door on the way out!

Next day I had a strap fitted to the roller door so it opens all the way up!

accident, dont hurt yourself, fix it, stay safe
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