Woody’s Words – Week 65 – Say Something!!

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke is challenged about his own safety.

Sometimes even safety people need to be questioned…don’t be afraid to SAY SOMETHING!!

Hi everyone, Woody again. I just want to share something that happened the other day. I was at my shed and making a little– anyhow, it doesn’t matter what I’m making, but I’m doing a bit of work at my shed, and I was cutting a bit of metal, and my missus came out and she actually said to me – she said, “Should you be cutting that?” And I’m going “what?” I looked at her and gone “what?” She pointed to the other end of the shed, where I’ve got a couple of fuel containers. Ones for lawnmower fuel, and ones for fuel for my quad bike. She just said to me, there’s a lot of spark, should you be cutting that there with the fuel containers in the same room. 

You know what? I got a little bit annoyed. I mean, firstly because I hadn’t thought about it, or I hadn’t picked it up, and I hadn’t checked before I started the job. Secondly, because she actually said something to me; but then I thought to myself, you know what, she’s right. 

This is the sort of message that I encourage people to do at a workplace; if you see one of your work mates do something that you think is a little bit risky, or a little bit unsafe; just say something to them. So I stopped the job and I actually moved the fuel containers right away from where I was cutting a bit of metal. 

So yeah, it looked just a little bit of a story that I wanted to share with you this week. If you see someone and do something that you think is a little bit unsafe, and it doesn’t matter who they are. I mean look, my wife’s never cut metal or worked with metal before in her life, so she probably wasn’t aware of the risks, but at least she said something to me. So yeah, if you see somebody do something that you think is a little bit risky, just say something to them. Look out for each other and stay safe Australia. I’m Woody.


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