Woody’s Words – Week 54 – When do we change

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke is in school holiday mode and it got him thinking…when do we change?
When is it not cool to do some things…

Good day everyone. Woody again. School holidays in Victoria this month, so I took my daughter and a couple of friends, up to the local skate park. 

Hey, Annie. 

Annie: Hi. 

And one of the things I noticed, I was just sitting there and watching them play and just keeping an eye on them, one of the things that I noticed is that the older kids don’t wear a helmet, or they don’t wear any sort of knee pads, and all of the younger kids do. From about, I don’t know, 10 down, all of the kids, they have got their helmets on, and they wear them every time they’re on the skate park. It just got me thinking that at what point do… 

Annie: And one of friends, she just fell over.  

…at what point do kids make that decision not to wear a helmet. Now, is it because their parents stopped making them wear a helmet, or is it just a natural thing that it doesn’t become cool to wear a helmet anymore? The other thing is for the older kids, they’re going to end up in the workforce, and some of them are going to have to wear PPE. So they’ve gone from years of not wearing a helmet on their skateboard or skate scooter, whatever they’re called, and their bikes and then all of a sudden, we expect them to wear PPE. 

So, for those who’ve got kids, maybe try to encourage them to wear their helmets and then when they do get to work wearing PPEs is just going to be an automatic habit. Anyhow, I am Woody, stay safe Australia. Say stay safe Australia Annie.

Annie: Stay safe Australia. 


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