UTI’s Hurt – Physically & Mentally

by James Wood

I’m writing this from my bed! Yesterday I went for a bike ride, came home and did a few things, had dinner and put my daughter to bed.
About 9.30pm I decided I was going to go to bed to get off my bum (it hurts sitting down all day) and watch the Russian Grand Prix. I’m a bit of a petrol head.

Around 10.00pm I started to feel a little unwell, had a headache which quickly turned into an all over body ache. I went to the loo and my urine was a bit dark and cloudy so straight away I suspected I had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Within an hour I felt like I was dying, I actually wanted to just close my eyes and not wake up. Unless you have experienced a UTI, you have no idea how unwell it makes you feel. I was in all over body pain, especially my head, neck, shoulders, back, kidneys, eyes, face….. It was horrible!

But even worse (for me, not sure if it affects everyone like this), is that it starts to make me have some horrible thoughts and feelings. I was thinking to myself

  • What if I fall out of bed and break my leg and the bone sticks out of the skin?
  • What if I get a pressure sore and have to stay in bed for 12 months?
  • What if I lose my wheelchair, how will I get around?
  • If I break my arm how will I get in and out of bed or on and off the toilet?

And many more thoughts which are just too dark to print here.

I know this is an overshare, but I want you all to know that getting hurt is one thing. It hurts and affects everyone around you.

But the ongoing shit that you have to deal with can be much much worse. I’m over it, if having to get around in a wheelchair is not bad enough, UTI’s, Organ failure, Heart Disease, Pressure sores, lack of circulation…The list goes on.

Don’t hurt yourself, it’s just wrong

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