Woody’s Words – Week 52 – One Year of Woody’s Words

Woody's Words

Woody’s Words has been coming to you every week now for One Year!!
Review the Year….

Review the Year….
Good day everyone. Woody here. Now this week marks 52 weeks since I started Woody’s words. So that’s a whole year of me trying to share what it’s like to have an injury or have any sort of disability. I do hope you’ve got a little bit of information out of Woody’s words. I’m going to keep doing them. Each week, I’ll try and come up with another topic or something that I just want to share with you. The reason that I don’t mind sharing the things that I share is that, this is the sort of information that would have made me understand how my life might have changed if I got hurt. So I hope that I can maybe give people something to think about, and maybe prevent somebody else from going through some of the stuff that I’ve been through since my accident. So you don’t want to end up in this situation. It certainly has changed my life and affected a lot of the people around me.

So stay safe Australia. If you’ve got any views or any thoughts on what you’d like me to share with you, please send me an email. Here’s a quick compilation of some of the things that we’ve shared over the last 12 months. Stay safe Australia.

An engineer designed it…

Good day everyone, Woody again.

Hi everyone, I don’t know what to say, James or Woody.

Lift myself out of the chair and on to the…

Quite a bit of effort, just to lift myself up out of the wheelchair, onto the side of the bed and then lift one leg up, then the other leg up and that’s…

I said to this bloke, I said, yeah, one of the worst things about being in a wheelchair is…

Hi everyone, Woody again and I’ve got my little friend with me.

Good day, Woody again. Listen, I wanted to do something a little bit different this week for Woody’s words.

Hey everyone, Woody here.

This wheel up and then I have to get my frame into the passenger’s seat. So I just pick it up…

I have to try and get it up on to the shelf and try and push my chair and not move backwards and then try and lift it on to the…

Just balancing it on different places. I have to try and get it up on to the shelf and at the same time try and push my chair not move backwards and then on to the …

Good day everyone, Woody here again. Today I’ve got a very special guest with me. What’s your name?

Lift myself out of the chair and on to the seat. So here we go.

Good day everyone. Woody here…

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