Michael Weston speaking at workplaces across Australia
Michael Weston speaking at workplaces across Australia

Talking Mental Health And Safety With Michael Weston

Michael has been bringing his honest, captivating and utterly moving talk ‘head above water’ to workplaces across Australia for the past five years as a CNB speaker. Through his welcoming and down-to-earth approach, Michael details how his 14-16 hour-a-day workload resulted in a life-altering brain injury to educate employees about the importance of mental and physical safety. Today, he’s taking us behind the talk and detailing why he’s sharing his story, advice he wished he heard before his incident, and how the journey with CNB first began.

CNB Mental Health and Safety Speaker, Michael Weston, shares his story about life after a workplace incident

The power of a story

By sharing his life-altering experience in a real and honest way, Michael has been able to connect with workers in a way other safety resources simply can’t.

Start a conversation with your team

Continue the conversation with your workplace by booking Michael as a speaker today, with face-to-face, online and hybrid options available here.

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