Woody’s Words – Week 50 – The Shopping Trolley – Great Idea…But!!

Woody's Words

Woody’s Words – Week 50 – The Shopping Trolley – Great Idea…But!!

Woody the Safety Bloke shows you a Shopping trolley for Disabled People….that doesn’t quite work!!

Good day everyone. You know one of the things that makes a little bit easier for anyone with an injury or a disability is technology and equipment. So, I often go shopping by myself and I don’t know who’s designed this but somebody’s come up with a shopping trolley that I can attach to the front of my wheelchair. So if you just have a look at this.

So this is the shopping trolley I’m talking about. Just here, which is probably, an engineer designed this, so you meant to just move your wheelchair onto the bed of trolley and be able to push it, which looks pretty dorky if you ask me. But just have a look at this, come over here; that won’t fit my wheelchair, my wheelchair is too narrow.

So whichever engineer has come up with this idea, hasn’t designed it for my type of chair. So again, a good idea but it doesn’t actually work in real life. So they’re the little things that really piss me off. I am Woody, stay safe Australia.

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