Woody’s Words – Week 49 – Safety Glasses and PPE

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke talks Safety Glasses and PPE….with a hint of humour.

Good day everyone. Woody again. This week, I’ve got an interesting one for you – safety glasses or any form of PPE. Now, I did my apprenticeship when we first started using PPE, and I can remember a lot of the tradesmen that I worked with, they kicked up a bit of a stink when they were told that they had to wear glasses. I don’t know, I think I was lucky that they were introduced to me at the start of my working career because I got into a habit of actually using them. But you just think about this for a minute, I’m thinking about some of the things that you wouldn’t be able to do, if you got something in your eye and you lost your sight. You won’t be able to read your favorite magazines, and you wouldn’t be able to do your knitting. Oh bugger, I just dropped a stitch. Or imagine if you couldn’t see your kids and your grandkids grow up. 

So seriously, have a bit of a think about how little things like safety glasses can protect you, and the other thing I would ask you to have a think about is especially when you’re at home. I mean we seem to be pretty good wearing PPE when we’re at work, but some of the things that we do around the house, we tend to get a little bit slackly. So just have a think about it. 

I’m Woody. Stay safe Australia. I really forgot what I was going to say. All right, I’ll get back to this. 

Read more about Safety Glasses and PPE via our Toolbox Talks Topics page.

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