Woody’s Words – Week 20 – Safety Annie

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke daughter Annie…self called ‘Stickhead’ talks safety from the view of a a 5 year old.

This is another special edition of Woody’s Words with Annie. 

Woody: Hi Annie, how are you? Annie I want you to tell everybody what you have to wear, when you’re on your bike.

Annie: Helmet

Woody: Now what does your helmet do? 

Annie: It’s protective if you bump your head like that.

Woody: that’s great so safety is important for kids as well, isn’t it, what are some of the other things that you can tell kids to do to try and stay safe? 

Annie: Put your seat belt on 

Woody: oh that’s really important isn’t it? Can you tell everybody what happened to me, to your dad?

Annie: Well my dad [Unclear-00:52] and he was, he went in a truck on a wet day and he didn’t put his seat belt on and he fell out of the truck 

Woody: and what did I damage? 

Annie: your spinal cord 

Woody: yeah so that means I have to use a wheelchair isn’t it? 

Annie: mm hmm (Yes)

Woody: so it’s very important for kids and for adults to… 

Annie: wear their seat belt 

Woody: okay that’s a great message Annie, thanks for helping me out, this week, see you soon okay.

Annie: bye!


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