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I would not be a teacher, the thought of a classroom full of kids actually scares me. Yet recently I volunteered to talk at my daughters primary school assembly.

It was a quick 5 minute chat about why I need to use a wheelchair but I also got to speak to them about some of the things that they can do to protect themselves from injury. 
Wear a helmet on their bikes, seatbelts in vehicles and don’t dive into shallow water.

The kids got to ask me a few questions and then it was over and I was out of there as quick as I could escape.

Who knows what they took out of my visit, if anything it gives young kids an introduction to someone with a ‘Disability’ (I hate that word) and shows them that even though I get around differently I’m still one of the school parents and community. 

But just think about some of the things that you remember from school that still stick with you today?

Imagine how cool it might be if something that I said to these kids today stops them from getting hurt in 5, 10 or even 20 years time. 

I guess that is what teaching is all about.


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