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I spend a lot of time trying to make people realise that my accident changed my life, I try to explain some of the issues that a serious injury will have on you & the people around you….. but I don’t really think you can understand it unless you experience it “First Hand!”…..
I recently had a minor surgery on my eye, I had a cyst on my eyelid that I had to get cut off, it was about 10 minutes on the operating table, so relatively simple….. but I then had wear a patch over my eye for 24 hours! I just could not believe the change it made only being able to see out of one eye! My depth of field changed, I found myself reaching for things that were further away than I thought!
I could not drive, I found myself double checking that I had hold of things! It was really interesting to experience even for a short while what it would be like to lose the sight in one eye.
I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that you just don’t realise what it is like to lose something until it is too late! Don’t hurt yourselves!!!
Footnote: It also got me thinking about how difficult it might be to have multiple injuries! Here I was in a wheelchair, with a patch on my eye….. imagine if I had also had a broken wrist, or lost part of my arm!…. I’d be really stuffed!

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