Lockdown has been different for everyone, so just to give you an idea, 
here are some of the things the CNBSafe Team have all been up to…

Absolutely hating home schooling but I have the cleanest cars in the street!

I worked from home for 7 weeks which was ‘different’ but I also struggled emotionally by not being able to have access to visit my mother who is in residential care and on top of that, her partner passed away. (non COVID related) 

I have been conducting and participating in 1-2 virtual training sessions per day/6 days a week for the last 8 weeks for the Australian wheelchair rugby team. I need a holiday! 

I thought once lockdown hit I would be video gaming all the time…but have been renovating my daughter’s room instead.

I have gone through a journey of self-discovery by coming to terms that I am a great Lived Experience Motivational Speaker and not so great Home Renovator…just ask my wife! 

I have been working on my ‘Castaway’ look (growing beard and getting fit), while appreciating spending quality time connecting with my family. Looking forward to getting back to making a difference to the safety and mental health of others ASAP too. 

Became a paint by numbers expert, craft teacher and keeping two business’s running during these crazy times.

I’ve been gardening, cleaning out cupboards and baking, but mostly enjoying the extra family time we’ve been able to spend together. 

I found out how much I miss flying to locations doing what we do delivering our safety message and I even resorted to face fixing so I don’t scare people when we start again. 

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