Many of you reading this newsletter live in other states. For those of you who are in Metro Melbourne you know we are currently in Stage 4 Lockdown. 

I’ll be honest and say its been a tough couple of months for me.

We are only allowed to leave the house for 4 reasons…Medical, Shopping, Work or Exercise. 
We can only exercise away from home for two hours maximum and only with 1 other person while maintaining social distancing.

I have friends and family in other states and they have NO IDEA what we are going through down here in Victoria. My sister just got back from a camping trip to Stradbroke Island.

Now the reason I tell you this is that many people have had to work out ways to deal with this second Lockdown. I have tried a few things but my latest challenge has been to answer your questions for a month. 

Every day I have answered a different question that has been sent to me by posting a short video.
You can have a look at some of my questions on YouTubeFacebookLinkedIn

There is still a few days left for you to ask me something so please get your questions to by sending a message to

Here is one of ‘Ask Woody a Question’ videos.

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