safety annie

Annie’s Injury

safety annie

We had an interesting Christmas school holidays. My daughter rolled her ankle on a trampoline and ended up with a minor fracture. She had to wear a Moon Boot for a few weeks and was unable to roller blade, ride her bike, jump on the trampoline.

The first week was a bit of a novelty, she enjoyed the attention and showing her friends her boot and crutches.
By Week 2 the boredom had set in and she started to get frustrated at not being able to do things that her friends were doing.

Week 3 was a nightmare… She was over it and we were over her!

But during a conversation we had while sitting watching some TV she said to me

“Dad I know how you feel sometimes when you can’t do things that you want to.”

Which made me think that some people don’t really understand how an injury changes things until you actually experience it yourself!

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