are you kidding me

Seven Years Without Alex

Having just experienced the loss of my son Alex for the 7th time, our family lives with this pain daily but January in particular is when our hearts break all over again.

Often we will hear, ‘time will heal’ or ‘in time you will move forward’ or ‘it will get better’

Are you kidding me?

We cannot run, and we cannot hide – it’s there all the time and we have no choice but to confront it head on. These comments are generally from people who haven’t experienced such a loss. And from people that cannot put our family situation into perspective. And from people that should know better. And from people that should be protecting their own by ensuring they have best safety practices in place

As an advocate for workplace safety I work tirelessly to ‘serve & protect’ particularly our young apprentices, yet we recently hear that the government in SA is looking to scale down supervision for this vulnerable group.

Again, ‘Are you kidding me’

Not on my watch Sir!

Our kids are NOT a disposable commodity and are worth more than they are afforded. 

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