Woody’s Words – Week 27 – In & Out of the Car

Woody's Words

Woody the Safety Bloke shows how he gets in and out of the car!!

Good day everyone, Woody again, hey listen one of the things I share with you when I come out to a site is that I can still drive a car. I use a set of hand controls to accelerate and brake but I have to lift myself in and out of the car, so I just want to show you how I do it and just have a think about how many times each day you have to get in and out of the vehicle and imagine if you had to do it the way that I do it. 

Okay so I lift myself up into the car but the next thing I have to do is I have to get my chair into the car, with me so just watch this, the chair just comes apart, one wheel, another wheel. 

Okay then I have to lift the frame in to the passenger seat, so there you go, that’s how I get in and out of the car. Imagine having to do that five times or ten times or even more times each day. I’m woody, stay safe Australia. 

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