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January 2017 – Update

Had a great break over Christmas & New Year!!
Training on the new  bionic arm has continued and been a great success, leading to the possible final go ahead to order the arm in February.
There was one glitch when the computer model did not work, there was no brain activity (stop laughing) and no one knew why.

This sent the doctors, the prosthetic team and rehab people into a spin.

One week later we repeated the test and everything worked.
I can only imagine what would have happened down the track, not for me but all the people behind this bionic arm that have put in 1000’s of hours of research…and their time to perfect this and give me a chance of the next best thing to a real arm.

December 2016

Alan had his first tests on his bionic arm for 30 minutes and the result was beyond expectations but on the down side there was 2 days of pain in the stump which followed.

A very small price to pay for something which such huge benefits  for myself and my family.

Check out the You Tube clip here of Alan operating the bionic arm in a computer model with his brain.

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