Some days it’s harder than others

Woody Shares

Ok so if you read this newsletter regularly you will know that C&B Safe is a group of people that visit workplaces to share our stories. We have all been impacted by workplace injury or fatality. Most of the time we can visit a business or worksite & talk about how an injury has changed our lives and affected the people around us.

But some days it is hard to share this information! Just the other day I was working in Qld at a mine site and I saw someone that looked like my Dad sitting in the group I was speaking with. As I was talking I kept looking at this person & I started to think about my Dad & how he coped after I got hurt. It was hard to keep going this day.

My Dad felt guilty after my accident because he thought I got my job because of him and this in turn led to me getting hurt! (Which was wrong! I got hurt because I stuffed up!)

I suppose the point I’m trying to make here is that I had my accident a long time ago but some days it still is hard to deal with.

Don’t hurt yourselves people.


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