Wisdom V’s Attitude V’s Advice

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Wisdom V’s Attitude V’s Advice

Had some interesting conversations with my boys over the last couple of months. I mentioned above that they have both bought homes and one of them has a baby on the way.

I suggested to both of them that they look into Income Protection Insurance….as a just in case measure.

The youngest son said to me “Won’t need it, I won’t get hurt” and we then had a discussion about after my accident I was lying in hospital screaming “This doesn’t happen to me!”
The oldest son said “Good idea dad, I’ll look into it”

It made me think back to when I was their age, no one offered me the same advice, or even asked me to think about these things. Don’t get me wrong my parents did a great job with me, but I hope I can do an even better job with my kids in giving them advice and hopefully passing on some of my wisdom.

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