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What a shocker NSW has had over the last month or so. It seemed like every day there was another horrific crash on the roads. The newsreaders tell us what happened in a short 30 second dramatic monologue, then it cuts to footage of mangled wrecks and parked emergency services vehicles with lights flashing….. Then it’s onto the next story about a cute baby Panda born in a chinese zoo!

But let’s stop for a minute and think about what some of these families are now going through!

For the seriously injured there will be months, years of treatment and rehabilitation to try…. No guarantees…. To regain the same function you had before the accident!
And for the ones that don’t make it (Fatalities) how does a family cope losing a parent, a sibling, a relative…. Or a friend?

Take care on the roads, driving is a privilege not a right!

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