Practice what I Preach

James Junk

Recently I was asked to help out a friend’s son. He is doing a project at school where he has to get some experience away from school and spend some time with an adult outside of his school environment.

We met up and discussed some of the things we could do together, Ben is interested in cars and has an understanding of mechanical principles.

So we decided that we will do some jobs on some of my cars. Things like checking brakes, changing wheel bearings, taking wheels off and on etc, nothing too difficult but still interesting.

It has been great to see Ben in action but it has also allowed me to show him some of the things that he can do to stay safe while working on cars.

I have him wearing a pair of mechanics gloves to protect his hands, when using air tools I make sure he wears safety glasses and hearing protection. When we jack the car up we always make sure to use a jack stand and chock the wheels.

It’s pretty basic stuff but it’s important to show Ben that there is a safe way to work on vehicles and it’s also good for me to go right back to the basics of what safety is all about, doing a job safely.

Now keep an eye out for Ben when he is running his own V8 Supercar Team

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