My Way of Coping

Michelle's Memes

By Michelle Rath

Managing day to day life is different from what confronts us.

For me on an individual and personal level, I find that my coping mechanism is to keep myself ridiculously busy.

It doesn’t eradicate the issue at hand, and it could be something as simple as walking, jumping on the treadmill, crocheting, writing or cooking.

But for me these things help calm my level of anxiety. When our family lost Alex, this was on an entirely different level, as anyone could imagine.

I talked and continue to talk about him and that tragic day… it helps me to get out of bed every day knowing that he is with me on this tragic journey.

It has helped me in the biggest way that I never envisaged, but it was right for me.

I am in a better place mentally because of what I do with regard to ‘speaking’, that’s not to say it will always remain this way.

But the positive of all this, is that I know how to manage it and that’s an important aspect of my life.

Take care and be kind to yourself.

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